UBT is one of the most distinguished Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo. We have been teaching here since 2001 and today we are proud with our undergraduates (around 17.000 enrolled students per each academic year) who represent our institution in the best way possible.  UBT is a great place to be a student and has a truly diverse community so wherever you are from, you will quickly start to make friends and feel at home.

With so many courses on offer – and not just in the fields you would expect – it is important you explore the different options thoroughly.

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For more information about statistics regarding International Students please read: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS




More and more of today’s students are considering the value of international study and looking beyond their own borders. By choosing to do you Master’s at UBT, you can be part of an outstanding university, renowned for changing lives and transforming society. Be part of our international community and enjoy your studies!

With so many courses on offer – and not just in the fields you would expect – it is important you explore the different options thoroughly.

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For more information about statistics regarding International Students please read: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

You are an international student if you are not a: 

– Kosovo citizen (or dual citizen)

– Kosovo permanent resident


If you wish to continue your studies at UBT, the following admission criteria apply.

– Demonstrate that: a) you have studied in or completed a recognized qualification with the required grades (for BA studies), b) have completed a recognized tertiary qualification (for MA studies).

– Provide proof of your English Language skills. A minimum B1 English proficiency is required.

– Submit documents in a scanned or certified-copies form. Documents in languages other than English must be translated (certified, line-by-line translation) in English.

– Provide proof of your finances to assure college/university authorities that you will be able to carry on with your studies.

– Provide a Motivation Letter

– Provide a Letter of Recommendation from at least one faculty member from your previous school/college. Also, certificates of achievement and proof of participation in extra-curricular activities can be submitted.



Moreover, the Foreign Language Institute within UBT is an excellent opportunity for students who need to improve their English language before applying to UBT.


The process below applies to Bachelor and Master program applications.


Explore the different study options thoroughly and define which is the program that you want to apply to.


To be accepted at UBT, interested international applicants have the opportunity to apply directly, by mail or through the online application system.

By mail, documents have to be submitted to the following address:

UBT – Higher Education Institution
Lagjja Kalabria. Str. Rexhep Krasniqi no.56
10000, Prishtina, Kosovo

Please keep in mind that if you choose this option, your documents require a secure delivery. Therefore, use registered / certified mail.

For online application, please visit www.ubt-uni.net


Required documents for application (copied or scanned) are as follows:

–    Passport        
–    Transcript of Records (ToR)     
–     Proof of English language proficiency      
–     Application Form  
–     Motivation Letter – Statement of the purpose of study
–    Letter of recommendation from at least one faculty member from your previous school/college.

All documents must be photocopied / scanned in color, and must be submitted 3 months before the start of the academic year.

The academic year lasts 40 weeks, and is divided into: winter semester and spring semester (both semesters with 15 weeks each). Below you can find some more detailed information:

Winter semester: October – January;

Spring semester:  March – June;

First semester exam period: Regular: February; Non-regular: November

Second semester exam period: Regular: March; Non-regular: April

Additional exam period: September


The next step is to apply.

If you are offered a place, you will be informed by UBT via email – you must reply, observing UBT’s requirements and deadlines.


A student visa can be required to study in Kosovo. Make sure if you need a visa beforehand. Also, please keep in mind that you cannot apply for a student visa until you are accepted on to a study program in Kosovo. Therefore, if you are offered a place at UBT and you need a visa, we will provide an Invitation Letter which can be used for visa purposes.

To learn more please download: _Application Guide for INTERNATIONAL Students

Students pay tuition fees for the respective study program and for their respective year of study. Tuition fees are set on an annual basis and students can anticipate fee reductions over three years of study if student performance scores reach an average of 9.0 or above. The amount is determined by the University Board and is announced at the time of the student enrollment for the new academic year. There is also a deduction from the annual tuition fee available to students who pay in advance for the entire academic year or if students have an excellent performance in their high school studies.

For more information about study fees, please contact info@ubt-uni.net .


Currently, UBT does not have dormitories but can assist international students in finding accommodation. More specifically, the Office for International Relations can provide international students with information about accommodation as there are a large number of affordable apartments near the UBT campus. If you have any questions, please contact us at international@ubt-uni.net.

Working in Kosovo

UBT is ready to help you pursue your career aspirations during your stay in Kosovo. The Career Center can help you find a suitable job and train you to write your CV, cover letters and other relevant documents. UBT also encourages good students to apply for various job positions within UBT.

Health Insurance

We believe that health insurance is vital to our international students. In an emergency, it is important to have medical coverage. There are health insurance companies in Kosovo that provide various services. As a result, we can help you find the health insurance that works best for you and inform you about the different companies and plans available.


In every UBT building there are guards who monitor the facilities 24 hours a day. If there is an emergency, you can always contact them for help. You can also contact the main emergency service providers in Kosovo through the following telephone numbers:

Police – 192; Ambulance services – 194; Firefighters – 193;

They are toll free numbers and can be contacted through mobile or landline phones in case of need for emergency assistance, illness, accidents or various disasters.


If you want to go to the UBT campus in Lipjan, the school bus is at your service free of charge. Prishtina city buses can take you to different places in the city. The bus station is 800m from UBT in Prishtina. There are also many taxi companies that can offer their services at very affordable prices. Before arrival, it is recommended that you first find us through your GPS devices.


The currency used in Kosovo is the Euro. There are times when students cannot pay in US dollars or any foreign currency. Most credit cards can be used nationwide and students can exchange currencies at many banks. Banks are generally open from 8:30 until 16:30. on weekdays. There are also many ATMs that work 24 hours a day. To open a bank account, the basic document you need is your passport.

Night Life

Kosovo has a lot to offer, in terms of beautiful villages, mountains and nightlife. You can also take part in various clubs like yoga, dance and other interesting clubs which offer you a variety of leisure activities. You can enjoy the night in many small cafes, open bars with live music, or you can be part of the disco scene.

Living Expenses

Read more about the average cost of living in Kosovo (according to Numbeo) here.  

Other Support Services

Student Services

One of the basic principles of UBT’s work is to provide equal opportunities for quality research and to provide the necessary assistance and support to all students. The entire infrastructure and work of the institution has always been and is student-oriented so that the student feels supported at all times during the process of his study in this institution. Students have their rights in the institution and are treated with dignity and justice.

The Student Center provides access to information during working days from 08:30 to 17:30. This center is closely linked to departments, the Office of Finance and Administration, and student-related issues.

Student ID Policy

The UBT Charter will identify you as a College student to facilitate the safety, academic integrity, and safety of the college community and college property as well as improve access to college services and facilities.


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and students with a single powerful, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations and is used at UBT for staff / students etc. It has a simple interface, drag-and-drop features and well-documented resources along with continuous usability improvements that make Moodle easy to learn and highly usable by students and professors.


SMIS is an information system for the management of students in higher education institutions and offers the opportunity for enrollment of new students, treatment of exam records, grades and academic progress. It also provides a workflow process, importing financial data, student data availability, advanced search, and generating various official documents such as transcripts and statistical reporting.