Developed on the principles of open exchange of information and cross-border learning, Global UBT Fest is designed to provide inspiration to the network by means of International Summer Academies, Forums and Summits, Events and Entertainment, Hacking and Competitions, and many Expo and Start-Up Zones.

The scope and purpose of this academic festival is to:

– provide educational opportunities to students during the summer months
– familiarize participants with UBT as a higher education institution
– help students to develop leadership skills that help them both socially and in an academic setting
– teach time management and other 21st century study skills
– understand specific best practices, through training and demonstration of them in authentic settings
– supplement academic instruction with enrichment activities that are relevant and engaging to students
– network with other participants

If you are interested to know more about the previous Global UBT Fest, download the Global UBT Fest 2020 Report where you can read more about the event and check on participants’ and speakers’ experience.

Summer Academies aim to combine practice and theory where students can strengthen the knowledge they have and manage to create new competencies that will help them in their future careers. Meeting new people and participating in many activities is the best thing one can do in today’s modern world. Therefore, all motivated university  and  high-school students are encouraged to apply.

The forums and summits are organized as part of the International UBT Fest in order to unite participants and explore topics of interest. In these forums/ summits, participants can learn a lot from the expertise of the presenters, share with others their ideas on elaborate issues, and discuss about the latest trends in various fields.

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Lectures, study groups, and job fairs all have their place, but college students, especially freshman, are looking for new and authentic ways to connect. Therefore, events and entertainment section of the Global UBT Fest include both fun and practical activities through which participants are able to experience high quality exciting entertainment and challenging activities.
Hacking and Competitions

Hacking and competitions are organized within the International UBT Fest in order to unite people and encourage them to challenge themselves. During these activities, participants can learn a lot from the expertise of the presenters, share their ideas on the elaborated issues with others, and learn about the latest trends in various fields, especially technology.

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Expo and Start-Up

UBT has fostered a starting platform for entrepreneurs to connect, showcase their potential and explore growing opportunities. As an exhibitor at International UBT Fest participants have the opportunity to present their exciting new products and services to a targeted audience, increase their brand exposure and meet virtually with their current and future clients and partners!

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Workshops organized within Global UBT Fest focus on practical, concrete strategies for common academic tasks, challenges, and opportunities. They are a great way for you to learn about practical subjects, learn new projects, and methods in order to better you. Attending workshops can help participants achieve success in their academic environment by putting various skills into practice.

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