The Foundation Program is for motivated international students who want to do a Bachelor’s program at University for Business and Technology (UBT) but still need to meet the admission requirements. The Foundation Program will provide you with intensive training in academic skills, courses relevant to your chosen Bachelor’s program, and English language skills (depending on your level).

Outside of the classroom, the Foundation Program offers support and organizes events that will help you make new friends and adjust to life in the Kosova. The yearlong training provides you with a unique international classroom experience specially designed for a bachelor’s at University for Business and Technology, the most international university in the Kosova and the region.


  • Why this program?

There are many reasons to enroll in the Foundation Program, such as familiarizing yourself with the culture and a new style of learning, to becoming eligible for the bachelor’s program of your choice. In addition, the Foundation Program offers additional support to help you with some of the challenges that come with living abroad, for instance: applying for a visa, looking for housing and taking out insurance.

  • The Foundation Program will help you get started

The switch from high school to university education can be challenging, especially when you are planning to study abroad. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding at your study, you should prepare properly for this challenge.

In the Foundation Program, you will be able to familiarize yourself with a new culture and adjust to a new style of learning. It will help you be able to ‘hit the ground running’ and get the most out of your university education. Other practical matters, such as banking, transportation and insurance will be taken care of during the first week of the Foundation Program with the support of the Foundation Program staff. We will train and test you in a variety of ways to prepare you for the future bachelor’s exams, we will introduce basic academic study skills and we will do all of this in the Problem-based Learning system that characterizes University for Business and Technology

The Foundation Program staff and mentors offer additional support with practical issues to help you settle in Prishtina. Before you arrive, we help you apply for your visa (if you need one) and will provide you with information about housing options. Once you have arrived in Kosovo, you will join our introduction period and we will assist you in all the things you need to know as a new international student in Prishtina.

  • Become eligible for a Bachelor’s program

Successfully passing all parts of the Foundation Program makes you eligible for the University Bachelor’s program you applied for. Successfully passing the one-year Foundation Program will make you eligible for a bachelor’s study at UBT. Most of Bachelor’s programs last three years. This means you can obtain a Bachelor’s degree within four years. Master’s programs take two years additionally.

Tuition Fees

The total tuition fees comprise:

  • Program Fee
  • Medical Insurance
  • Registration Fee

Methods of Payment 

Tuition fees should be paid by bank transfer to the UBT bank account, details as follow:

Bank Name: TEB BANK

Bank address: Agim Ramadani, Nr. 15, 10000 Prishtine


IBAN: XK05-2011-0000-0392-7958/ SWIFT: TEBKXKPR


UBT offers to assist students with 4 weeks homestay at the start of their courses to allow them to make their own chosen arrangements for the remainder of their time. The fee for 4 weeks Standard Homestay is €200; including a non-refundable Arrangement Fee of €100  If homestay is cancelled two weeks or more in advance of the commencement of accommodation, the Standard Homestay Fee will be refunded. If Homestay is cancelled less than two weeks in advance of the commencement of accommodation, no refund will be made.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available. The only exception to this rule is when a student’s visa application has been refused on appeal.  The student must present the official refusal letter from the Kosovo Government to UBT in order to secure a refund of fees ( €150 administrative fee).

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and withdrawals should be made in writing to a local UBT representative office or the UBT Head Office. In all cases, no refund of tuition fees paid is applicable. These conditions do not affect your rights as defined by the consumer protection laws in Kosovo.


Withdrawal refers to cancellation of the chosen course after arrival in Kosovo. No refunds will be allowed. If you wish to withdraw from your course after arrival at UBT, you must give the UBT school office at least four weeks advance notice in writing. For students requiring a visa to enter Kosovo, they should be aware that the terms of their visa allow them to study at UBT only and it is not possible to change to another college. No clearance letter will be issued in these circumstances, however a statement of attendance will be issued where four weeks advance notice of withdrawal is received.

Where a student fails to give four weeks’ notice in writing, a statement of attendance can be requested by paying the Irregular Statement Fee of €100.

Medical Insurance 

All UBT students are required to have medical insurance. We have negotiated favorable premiums for UBT students with a reputable health insurance company. The policy protects you against many expenses incurred through accident or illness. The annual cost of this insurance is €250 for all UBT courses. Please note: this is not a travel insurance policy and does not cover baggage, theft etc. For students requiring a visa to enter In Kosovo, such insurance is a requirement and must be renewed after 12 months.

Bank Holidays 

UBT will be closed on all statutory Kosovo Bank Holidays. Classes not provided on Bank Holidays will not be made up at a later date.

College Holidays & Duration of Lessons

UBT will define the academic calendar for the year and students may only take holidays during designated College holidays. UBT courses follow a defined syllabus and have a defined number of hours, which may include any of the following: English language lessons, lessons in academic subjects, practical laboratory time, computer lab time, scheduled reading time, group or individual tutorials and other lessons.

Late Arrivals and Absences 

If you arrive late to a course, or are absent during your course, no refund will be granted.

Language Level

Students’ language level may be tested locally using IELTS to meet requirements of the Kosovo visa application. This test is solely for use in visa application and does not waive the requirement for an English Placement Test upon arrival at UBT.

On arrival you will take a full test of English for Academic Purposes to determine your language level and underlying skill set before you begin your studies.

Please note: in the case of a student having an insufficient level of language for their course, UBT reserves the right to transfer a student to a Pre-Foundation English Course until such time as the student’s language level is sufficient to warrant entry to the chosen Foundation course. Supplementary invoices will be issued in respect of the additional costs incurred.


UBT requires its students to attend all scheduled lectures, classes, labs, tutorials and computer sessions. Students who fail to attend will be subject to UBT’s disciplinary code which can, in serious cases, lead to removal from courses, without recourse to refund. Students who require a visa to enter Kosovo are also required, as a condition of their residence in Kosovo to maintain high levels of attendance – and this is subject to inspection by the Irish Government authorities.

Placement Guarantee 

Non-EU students who study at UBT are eligible for guaranteed placement at a University or College in Kosovo or solely providing they have met all of the following conditions:

  • All invoices have been paid in full
  • Class attendance in excess of 90% is achieved
  • All tutorials are attended
  • All required course work is submitted on time
  • All university/college application deadlines are met, as advice by UBT’s placement office
  • The student is deemed to have received a passing grade in all subjects on their course

The Placement Guarantee does not apply to students studying Medicine, Dentistry or Nursing.

Enforcement of all contracts and agreements with UBT will be governed by Kosovo law. Non-enforcement of any of these Term & Conditions does not waive our right to enforce them.

The staff of the International Office are looking forward to hearing from you!

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday

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 +383 38 541 400

Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi President of University for Business and Technology (UBT)
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